Core Values

Core Values 

Every employee plays an important role in creating and sustaining a great company culture that reflects who we are as an organization. The core values we hold as a company describe how we interact with each other and how we are ultimately judged by our customers. These values are a direct reflection of who we are and how we work together to achieve a common goal of success. Because when we respect and support one another, there is nothing we can’t accomplish as a TEAM. We reinforce our values every day through the actions we take on behalf of the company.

Responsible to Each Other

  • > Do what you say you are going to do
  • > Only make commitments you intend to keep
  • > Take ownership – own it, complete it
  • > Take initiative to find innovative solutions
  • > Develop people to their full potential
  • > Actively listen to what people have to say
  • > Create a safe work environment
  • > Tools, resources and training to do the job

Accountable to The Customer

  • > Solving customer problems belongs to everyone
  • > Place no limits on employees to serve the customer
  • > High value services and products
  • > Easy to do business with
  • > Deliver WOW through service
  • > Speed

Passion for Excellence

  • > Have a sense of urgency – drive
  • > Whatever you do, be all in and do it well
  • > Love what you do
  • > Strive for excellence

Uncompromised Integrity

  • > Transparent and open communication
  • > Be “humble and kind”
  • > Quick to admit mistakes – own errors
  • > Be true to yourself and others
  • > Build trusting relationships
  • > Tell it like it is – no spin
  • > Be honest and say it the way it is – tough love


  • > Be adventurous and creative
  • > Make a difference / Have an impact in the
    community and with stakeholders
  • > Be spontaneous
  • > Celebrate success
  • > Laugh daily / Make people laugh
  • > Make friends at work
  • > “We are family”
  • > Keep it light