Our Companies

Twin City Fan & Blower is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality custom, semi-custom and standard fans, ranging from heavy-duty industrial process fans to OEM fans to a comprehensive line of commercial supply and exhaust fans for the HVAC plan and spec market. With the industry’s most experienced engineering staff and sales representatives, Twin City Fan & Blower’s unique ability to customize fan solutions for the exact application is second to none.

In addition to an impressive breadth of product offerings, Twin City Fan & Blower is well known for its technical design capabilities, comprehensive testing services and responsive sales team. Due to the company’s extensive expertise and long-standing reputation for proven quality, Twin City Fan & Blower products continue to be specified around the globe ― with expanded manufacturing and service operations located in the U.S., South America, Europe, India, China and Singapore.

Aerovent is a leading manufacturer in the industrial fan market that designs, engineers and supplies a wide variety of industrial-grade axial fans, centrifugal process blowers, corrosion-resistant composite fans, OEM fans/impellers and custom air make-up units. With more than 80 years of experience, Aerovent has “stood the test of time” by providing products that are meticulously consistent, highly reliable and built to last. Aerovent supports a diverse range of industrial markets for virtually every industry and has earned a particularly strong reputation in markets such as power generation, heat transfer OEMs, automotive, water treatment, pulp and paper, foundries, mining and general manufacturing for the most critical air handling applications.

Over the years, Aerovent has invested heavily in product research and development, state-of-the-art engineering design tools, in-house laboratory testing services and the latest manufacturing technologies to provide market-leading products to make customers’ processes more effective and ultimately more profitable.

Clarage is the heavy-duty division of Twin City Fan Companies Ltd. that specializes in designing and engineering custom, built-to-specification, industrial and centrifugal fans, dust collectors, heavy-duty variable and fixed pitch axial fans. Established in 1874, Clarage has earned a long-standing reputation for delivering products for the most demanding industries including API/petroleum, tunnel ventilation, mining, pulp and paper, and power generation.

As a major player in the heavy-duty custom fan business, Clarage is one of the few companies in the fan industry that has the ability to execute extremely complex projects from start to finish. In addition to these capabilities, Clarage also specializes in the aftermarket business and can provide complete turnkey services for retrofitting existing systems — from demolition to completely rebuilding and testing fans.

International Operations

TCF Azen is a Twin City Fan Company that serves the Asia Pacific Region market including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Whether a simple commercial ventilation or the most demanding industrial and marine applications, TCF Azen has a suitable air moving solution for the exact application. TCF Azen products have been providing years of reliable ventilation on board oil rigs and vessels, in pharmaceutical, power, water treatment, and incineration plants, as well as specialized OEM applications.

TCF Azen’s mission is to provide simple and workable solutions for any complex problem that customers may face. The ability to do this effectively on a consistent basis is what differentiates the company from the local competition. Founded on a simple principle of innovative design and exceptional functionality, TCF Azen is adept at blending technical sophistication and best engineering practices to develop practical air moving solutions for a wide range of applications.

TCF China was formed to bring TCFC’s unmatched product offerings and services to China’s booming industrial and export markets including the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, air pollution control, food processing, power generation and marine industries.

By leveraging TCFC’s shared engineering resources, technical application expertise and manufacturing standards, TCF China has quickly grown to become a premier provider of high-quality fan solutions. TCF China’s goal is to become the largest and most respected fan manufacturer in China while contributing to improving the local industrial standard.

TCF Europe was established to meet the growing demand for our products and services within the local European market. Today, TCF Europe has a European-wide sales network with expanded manufacturing operations strategically located in the Czech Republic.

In addition to offering a comprehensive line of air moving solutions, TCF Europe also provides products and services to Europe, the Middle East and Africa for markets including HVAC, power generation, API, steel processing and OEM accounts.

TCF Europe is well known for providing customers with technical support, application expertise, custom engineering and commissioning of the final product. By leveraging the extensive R&D expertise and testing capabilities of the global TCF infrastructure, they have become one of the most sophisticated fan manufacturers in the entire region.

Twin City Fan India Private Limited (TCF India), a wholly owned subsidiary of Twin City Fan Companies, was established in Chennai, India. The formation of TCF India has strategically positioned the company to meet customers’ fan requirements per Indian/International standards and practices under the management of TCF India’s highly experienced fan engineers. TCF India provides local manufacturing of the entire gamut of TCFC’s high-quality air moving products, and offers services for new installations, aftermarket retrofits, as well as consulting services. TCF India also manages the existing branch office, which provides support services to all of Twin City Fan Companies’ global operations.

In November 2021, Twin City Fan Companies signed an agreement with our partner Energy Industrial Company to form Energy Twin City, a joint venture (JV) manufacturing company in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company is located in Sharjah, next to Dubai, and will be producing a complete range of Twin City Fan products, servicing the entire Middle East region.